Deyanira (lunasoltierra) wrote in scrubs_quotes,

Quotes from the episode "My Road To Nowhere"

Turk: Baby, I need permission to road trip JD to Tacoma so he can see his ultrasound.


Carla: Sure, I think not giving you permission to do this for your friend would be totally dorian.


JD: How’s this spreading so quickly?


Dr. Cox: Gandhi did you tell Jordan what I said about her wanting to cuddle? She doesn’t like people to know that she actually cares… for me.


Turk: Relax, she’s pregnant what could she possibly do?


Jack walks up to Dr. Cox


Jack: Man Check!


Jack punches Dr. Cox’s on the crotch and he drops to the floor in pain


Dr. Cox: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh


JD and Turk make painful faces

Turk: Ohhh


Jack walks up to Jordan and she picks him up.


Jordan: Good boy Jack, good boy.

They leave


Turk: He can’t possibly make this my fault right?


JD: Dorian, ahh damm it now I’m doing it.


They walk over Dr. Cox who’s in fetal position still in pain.


JD: Be careful, he’s going fetal.

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