Clint (spidermonkey20s) wrote in scrubs_quotes,

Not sure if it's been posted, but no one has posted anything in a while, so...

EPISODE 5.06, "My Missed Perception"

JD and Kelso sit on a bench.

Kelso - "How old do you think I am Dorian?"

JD - (in head) - Okay, there's no way to answer that and not get in trouble. Change the subject.
"Sir, I would be honored if you and Enid would join me at my place on Sunday for some home made Jambalaya."

Kelso - "Well, it would be good for Enid to get out of the house."

JD - (in head) - Oh my god, he's actually thinking about it. Change the subject back!
"You're 78 sir."

Kelso - "You think I'm that old?"

JD - "Jambalaya"

Kelso - "I'm 57, numb nuts."

JD - "Really."
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